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EVA pad



Our shaping rooms are very basic----9x16 in size with fluorescent sidelights. In most cases, the shaping process starts out with a custom order. The shapers will learn of a board's specifications from its order card and choose an appropriate sized blank to begin shaping. All of our shapers are experienced in shaping. They are responsible for shaping the contours of the decks, bottoms and rails respectively, in order to guarantee that all the surfboards of one certain model are built in a unified standard.


After the blanks are shaped, they are to be airbrushed. Our experienced airbrush workers are available to paint anything from flames on the deck to a fade on the rails. Based on different designs, the workers apply the acrylic paint onto the shaped blanks, to create pleasing blends and fades in brilliant colors.


Once shaped and painted, the boards are covered with the fiberglass and epoxy or polyester resin. This process, called glassing, makes the boards waterproof and gives then their strength. On this stage, fiberglass cloth is cut and laid across the bottom of the board. Resin is then poured over the cloth and smoothed out to ensure that the cloth is evenly saturated. At the same time, the logo is firmly laminated onto the blank. The process is repeated on the deck of the board. The deck will have a heavier weave of fiberglass cloth than the bottom, because the top of the board must support the surfer’s weight.



After laminated, the expert hot coater would apply a smooth coat of specially formulated resin onto the board. Containing one kind of wax as the sanding agent, this specially formulated resin seals the fiberglass cloth, and also serves as a sanding layer.


When the hot coat is completely dry, the sanders begin to send down the hot coat, using progressively lighter grit sandpaper, until the surface of the board achieves a smooth dull finish, without burns, scratches or sand-through.


Then the surfboards are finished the fine-sanded once again by the polishers. Through wet and dry sanding processes, any seams or beads which may have resulted from the previous steps are removed, and the board is buffed a polish compound to a high shine.


We can offer many kinds of fins systems and also can assembly fins according to customers' request.




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