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EVA pad


Fishes are short and wide with flat rocker in the entry and tail. The Modern Fish, also known as the Rocket Fish have three fins. Conversely, the traditional fish (circa 1970's) was designed with twin keel fins. Fish surfboards catch waves surprisingly well despite their lack of surface area (most fishes are substantially shorter than a surfer's normal shortboard), mainly because of its flatter rocker, allowing the board to plane at a lower speed.

The shortness of this design creates a tight turning radius, making the board better suited to small waves but the above average surfer can also make them work in medium size surf as well.

Because of the added width, fish tend to ride flat on the wave and don’t transition from rail to rail very well making them difficult to surf vertically. However, the flat rocker and quick planning make this a very fast design that loves to race down the line and fly past slow sections on the wave. The fish is best for intermediate to advanced surfers.

Fishes are shorter and wider that regular shortboards and offer great performance in small to medium sized waves. They came to prominence in the late 70's / early eighties and can be easily spotted due to their swallow tails. Fish are full shaped boards well suited to intermediate surfers in weak surf. Holds its speed over any flat spots on the wave. Ride one and see, you will be very stoked.




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