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EVA pad


Eggs are similar to fishes in that they have flatter rocker and plane quickly, allowing them to catch waves easily. Traditional style eggs have a single fin and today's modern design utilizes a 2+1 fin setup (large center fin with two smaller side fins). Adding the side bites to the longer center fin helps the rider perform harder rail turns without the fear of spinning out, which is an inherent drawback of the single fin design. Eggs also have more curve in their outline than fishes which equals better turning.

Like fishes, eggs are usually shorter than 6’0” which makes them best suited for small surf, however, the above average surfer can adapt and make this design work in medium size surf as well. Because of the added curve in their outline, eggs have a smoother rail-to-rail transition than a fish and love carving big round house cutbacks. The egg's flat rocker and quick planning ability create the same speed as fishes and are best suited for intermediate to advanced surfers.

Eggs being wide boards are relatively easy to paddle and better still they are quick to plane . This means the board will perform to it's full potential, even at low speeds (a major advantage in small and weak surf).

Eggs also have lots of volumn, which means you can create a lot speed in relatively flat faced, weak surf. Eggs however tend to lack control, particularly when the surf gets bigger and more critical. To compensate for this the tail block has two wingers that allow for a narrow rounded tail and thus giving more control.



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